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To apply to become a new out-of-state wine shipper, complete the below application.

Wine Direct Shipper Application (PDF)

To file your monthly tax report as an out-of-state wine shipper, complete the below tax form.

Wine Direct Shipper Monthly Tax Form (PDF)

To receive direct payments from Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division, please fill out the below ACH Form.

ACH Form

If you are a licensed retailer and would like to place an order for WLD listed products, please complete the below form.

Purchase Order Form

Mailing address changes can be completed by the owner(s) or officer(s) who are listed on the liquor license application by completing the below form.

Mailing Address Change Form

If you discover damages after opening cases of alcohol recently shipped to you, please complete the below concealed loss or damage form.  Submit to when complete.

Claim Form Concealed Loss or Damage

If you are over 18 years of age and would like to become a licensed industry representative, please fill out the below application.

Industry Representative Application

If you'd like to appoint an existing Class A or Class B representative to sell your products as well, please complete the below Class B Rep Cross Appointment Letter form.

Class B Rep Cross Appointment Letter

Samples for sales representatives must be requested three (3) working days prior to when they are required. Please complete the below form ensuring to list only one vendor/supplier on each form. For a complete list of sampling guidelines, click here.

Salesman Samples From WLD Stock Request Form