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Applying For A License

Licenses Issued by: STATE OF WYOMING - Liquor Division


The State of Wyoming offers a number of annual licenses. The licenses offered, their descriptions and their fees are listed below:

Licenses and Permits:


Fee: $250


Allows for the exclusive right to sell malt beverages at wholesale. Granted to breweries and malt beverage wholesalers who reside within Wyoming.

W.S. 12-2-201

Fee: Not to exceed $1,000


Allows sales of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages in specified railroad cars or charter transportation vehicles, such as charter busses or limousines.

W.S. 12-2-202(a)

Fee: $250


Authorizes the manufacture (Distillation or Rectification) of alcoholic liquor or the manufacture of malt beverages within Wyoming.

W.S. 12-2-203(a)

Fee: $250


Authorizes the importation of alcoholic liquor or malt beverages into Wyoming.

W.S. 12-2-203(a)

Fee: Set by License Class

Class A $100 / Class B $50 / Class C $10


Allows a qualified individual employed or contracted by a supplier of distilled spirits or wine to promote the supplier’s product in Wyoming.

W.S. 12-2-203(b)

Fee: $50


Authorizes any person currently licensed in its state of domicile as an alcoholic liquor or malt beverage manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or retailer to ship up to 36 liters of manufactured wine to any one (1) household in Wyoming in a twelve month period or to ship to any Wyoming retail establishment which holds a liquor license any manufactured wine not listed with the Liquor Division.

W.S. 12-2-204